Cloud Server

com.tom Cloud Server in a nutshell

The com.tom product series combines telemetry with telecontrol and includes in the package a cloud solution to enable worldwide data access. This makes it possible to respond quickly to the collected data and influence the local process. Process and configuration data are represented as hierarchical trees of nodes both on the com.tom devices and the com.tom PORTAL server. Consumers (users, applications) can subscribe nodes on the PORTAL server. When process data changes the devices send the new values to the PORTAL server which stores it and immediately forwards it to all subscribed consumers. Consumers can control devices by sending configuration data to the PORTAL server which sends it to the respective devices.All this works fast, secure, configurable and scalable.

Cloud Server Features

Platform for secure transmission, visualization and storage of process and configuration data


  • Firewall/proxy friendly protocol (TCP port 443)
  • Full-duplex communication channel (WebSockets based)
  • Keep-alive mechanism with offline detection
  • Low traffic (optimized for mobile networks)
  • Low latency (event-driven data transmission)
  • Remote procedure call (RPC) support

Data model

  • End-to-end encryption (TLS) of the complete communication
  • Authentication: mandatory
  • Password policy (Length, complexity, black list)
  • Authorization: fine-grained permission system for data access


  • Data types: boolean, integer (8/16/32/64 bit, signed/unsigned), floating point (32/64 bit), string (UTF-8), byte array
  • Flexible event-trigger configuration
  • QoS levels (at most once, at least once, exactly once, data log)
  • Scaling and formatting of values
  • Storage of historical data


  • Professional hosting in a state-of-the-art data center
  • Located in Germany, operated by a German company
  • Scalable virtual data center (private cloud)
  • High availability
  • Permanent monitoring of service availability and quality
  • Service level agreement
  • Emergency hotline (24/7)

com.tom Cloud Server options

Automation Features

  • The com.tom cloud server can be optionally equipped with an IEC61131 runtime system.
  • This allows you to operate your application central in the cloud environment
  • In addition, the com.tom cloud server has an OPC UA Interface to connect to all state of the art scada and third party tools
  • An optional SAP HANA Platform interface is under development


  • High performance data processing
  • IEC cloud application can handle your complete machine park
  • Easy software collaboration and maintenance in intrinsic in the design
  • No roll out process anymore needed
  • No remote debugging is anymore needed
  • You can stay with your existing scada with brand new features

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