Comprehensive CAN Bus solution from CAN Automotion

10th oct 2018:

We note that Industrial EtherNet has overtaken CAN Bus as installed nodes and devices with Industrial EtherNet overtakes the field busses by a slight margin. However it’s comforting to know that local solutions and competence is available for CAN based products, technologies, and protocols right here in Australia from CAN Automotion:

  1. IXXAT (HMS) for CAN Interfaces and tools (for Industrial applications)
  2. Kvaser for CAN tools, protocol stacks, CAN knowledge and expertise and Interfaces (mainly for Mobile and some industrial applications) including data logging
  3. GEMAC for Field bus diagnostics using CAN touch, CAN Bus Tester, and  many more
  4. STW for pressure and temperature sensors/transmitters using CAN/CANopen/J1939
  5. GEMAC for Inclination sensors with CAN/CANopen and J1939
  6. Wachendorff Automation for Incremental and Absolute encoders with CANopen/J1939/ProfiNet/EtherCAT/SSI and draw wire sensors
  7. Operator Interfaces from STW  (InterACT-VSX range of displays with CAN bus and a number of other services)
  8. Operator interfaces from Topcon (Opus A3,A6, A8)
  9. CAN Tools (Hardware and Software from TKE)
  10. Joystick controllers with J1939 from SureGrip Controls
  11. Joystick controllers with J1939 and CANopen from Genge Thoma.
  12. Telematics from STW (using TC3G, TC1)
  13. Embedded IoT solutions from Janz Tec.
  14. CAN IO devices from Micro Control GmbH
  15. CAN protocol stacks in CANopen and J1939 from Micro Control GmbH.
  16. Gyroscopic sensors with CANopen from STW
  17. IoT Solutions from Beck IPC: Com-Tom

And of course complete solutions and system integration from CAN Automotion Pty Ltd Melbourne.


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