Embedded Controller

IXXAT Econ 100 combines a wide range of interfaces with a unique multi-protocol support. It is modular, expandable and easy to program – allowing the easy adaptation to your specific requirements.

The platform is also available as boardlevel product which can be integrated in existing customer devices. OEM versions with specific hardware adaptations and adapted application variants can be developed by HMS on request

Embedded Controller

With their robustness and reliability, Janz Tec’s embedded computing systems, also called emPC’s, are made for industrial applications in all different branches and applications. Each application has different requirements for controlling systems such as, for example, passive cooling, zero maintenance, flexible storage media and communication interfaces.

ARM and x86-based computing systems are available in flexible performance ranges and with different operating systems.

Additionally, all emPC’s can be equipped with industrial grade touch displays in different diagonals and with resistive or capacitive touchscreens. These panel PC’s are known under the label emVIEW. Customer-specific designs are also available in smaller quantities.

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