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CAN Automotion – Authorized distributor of Embedded IoT Products from Janz Tec

In Embedded IoT area, CAN Automotion is the authorized distributor of Janz Tec AG in Australia. Janz Tec AG has been producing devices for embedded computers, Industrial PCs and components for more than 35 years. Their highly qualified staff devise hardware and software for industrial computers and secure appliances, all exclusively produced in Germany. Industrial Security is an important aspect of the appliances and guarantees secure transfer and storage of information for industrial applications. The Industrial Computing Architect staff at Janz Tec AG is highly skilled to devise, develop and produce components and systems based on standards customised to the customer’s individual requirements. This unique combination of specialists in the areas of hardware and software engineering as well as information technology enables to design every industrial computer, control unit and component in accordance with the customer’s technological application and specific requirements.

Integration of Secure Appliances

Janz Tec offers a variety of interfaces for the integration of individual systems, sensors and actuators from different producers within complex system layouts, at the same time guaranteeing highest functional reliability and industrial security. Their industrial computer systems are distinguished by highly modular, open architecture which ensures reduced integration outlay and unified information access. Industrial security is assured as an integral part of solutions provided by Janz Tec AG.

Embedded IoT Solutions

You have the idea, we have the IoT solutions for secure implementation!
Digitisation offers enormous potential, as it permits a high degree of process transparency and takes your production efficiency to a new dimension. Modern products and innovative business models give you a competitive advantage. Elevate this potential with our IoT solutions.
We will assist you right from architecture design to secure system operation – with IoT solutions and services tailored to meet your individual needs. The modular solutions assist you with specific needs, as well as complex holistic tasks.

Embedded IoT Gateways

With their robustness and reliability, JanzTec’s embedded computing systems, also called emIoTs, are made for IoT applications such as flexible storage media, data logging and monitoring, alarm setup and communication interfaces.

emIOT devices are edge gateways to connect any fieldbus to the broadband network over different wireless interfaces. 2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-M1 and LTE Narrowband are common cellular technologies and recommend for different applications in the future. Additional, proprietary radio standards with different topologies are available on request. The hardware is designed for scalable appliances, differentiated between the scale of efficiency, amount of performance and the adaption to the environment.

emIOT devices are available in a rugged design, likely for usage with a protection class equal IP65. Janz Tec’s IoT devices are based on different application and telecommunication cores. In case of low performance requirements, a core with a built-in firmware of Janz Tec can be used or downloaded as an SDK. For decentralized data processing requirements, CPUs with a higher performance are also available.

The gateways can be supplied in a range of 9 to 24V and wired interfaces can be tapped with Molex connectors or IP67 protected ISO metric screw threads like M8 or M12 connectors.

For the “high-performance” Edge gateway, a minimal Linux operating system is preinstalled and can be shipped with customer specific configurations.

Additionally, there is also an expansion module for existing emPC and emVIEW systems of Janz Tec available. The expansion card is equipped with an LTE module including GPS localization functions. A Wi-Fi module is also included to optimize the local wireless functions. For this expansion, there are operating systems from Linux to Windows 10 IoT suitable.

All IoT gateways are also available with optional, tailor-made industrial security features from Janz Tec’s Security Ecosystem toolkit. The first products of the new IoT gateway series are emIOT-A/iMX6 and emIOT-X, which will be followed soon by small format systems, starting with the emIOT Edge.

The emIOT series is the result of the strong demand for wireless connectivity of embedded systems in Industry 4.0 environments – for example, in the areas of e-mobility and smart metering. In the field of digitalisation, it isn’t just entire plants that are being networked, but devices and systems that are used to collect data and perform control functions are also successively being integrated into internal corporate networks and connected to the Internet in a decentralised manner. Up to now, this has often been a laborious task of connecting systems with cables or using additional external peripherals. As edge gateways, the new emIOT systems offer various wireless interfaces as an alternative – including standard mobile communication technologies such as GPRS, UMTS and LTE. LPWAN technologies, such as LTE NB-IoT for Industrial IoT solutions, are also possible, as well as WiFi connections for internal network applications.

The edge gateways are characterised by their ability to pool the tasks of multiple devices. emIOT systems can communicate via various fieldbuses and exchanging data in a bidirectional manner. Furthermore, additional interfaces allow data logging via external sensors for plant monitoring. The scalable design of the hardware platform of the emIOT series is based on Janz Tec’s highly successful embedded PC series. This makes the series highly adaptable to special requirements in terms of performance, ambient conditions and the required quantity scales.


Embedded PC System

Janz Tec Internet of Things series, based on mobile access features for Edge applications.


Embedded IoT Gateway based on Intel Atom x5 Quadcore with additional wireless options

Technical Details


Embedded IoT Gateway based on NXP i.MX6 Quadcore CPU with additional wireless options

Technical Details

Download Datasheet – JanzTec Certificate IOT GW EDGE DEVICE
Download Datasheet – emPC-X
Download Datasheet – emPC-X Hardware


Embedded IoT Edge Gateway with LTE, GPS and flexible communication interface

Technical Details

Download Datasheet – Emiot Series
Download Datasheet – Secure Appliance OSIRIS Series
Download Datasheet – Emiot Edge Hardware

IoT APPLICATIONS – Key Functions For IoT

  • Data Broker (Interfaces for ERP, CRM, SCP)
  • Device & Network Management
  • Telemetry Services
  • Visualization

Download Datasheet – JanzTec Certificate IOT GW EDGE DEVICE
Download Datasheet – Emiot Series
Download Datasheet – empc A/iMX6
Download Datasheet – Secure Appliance OSIRIS Series
Download Datasheet – emPC A/iMX6 Hardware Manual


Data broker
Easy access to your process data in digitised production
State-of-the-art production in the IoT environment is based on networking the shop floor with conventional IT applications, however the same problem often reoccurs. The data is often only available in a format that cannot be processed directly in ERP, CRM or SCM systems. Here you can benefit from our software solutions for simple and flexible data routing. This enables Janz Tec’s systems to become flexible interpreters in the world of Industry 4.0.

Device management for the IoT and M2M
For (almost) every application of IoT systems, the fundamental requirement is not the initial networking of the systems. The real challenge lies in the day-to-day management of the constantly changing structure of all of the networked devices. Our device management solutions make the integration, administration, monitoring and updates of your systems easy to organise! They enable the reliable management of all of your distributed devices.

Business intelligence – quick answers to complex questions
Make your production process more transparent! Our range of tried and tested analysis solutions provides valuable assistance in the optimisation of processes and applications. Using our business intelligence solutions enables you to merge real-time information from multiple sources, visualise it clearly and generate reports with ease. This results in shorter response times, more effective identification of the cause of problems, as well as improved product and service quality.

Control and optimise your production process with flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit your production environment. The right PLC, SCADA and MES software clears the path to Industry 4.0. Janz Tec team will handle the pre-installation and, if required, can also perform functional tests for your specific production conditions. Benefit from a perfectly coordinated hardware and software solution.

CODESYS – Development Software for Industrial Control Systems

Real-time Machine Control

Machine control requires a real-time processing unit in most cases. Janz Tec AG provides a complete environment for real-time processing based on CODESYS, the leading IEC 61131-3 programming environment in the world. We provide both CODESYS V2 as well as CODESYS V3, each pre-installed and exactly adapted to the system on which it is running. Peripheral interfaces, bus systems and I/Os are already configured and usable when a customer starts the system the first time. Real-time environment, installation, and configuration are combined into one single package – available for all Janz Tec systems.

Since interfaces are nearly identical, customers can easily choose between several system types for their range of projects. Hardware can even be changed if more performance is needed or if machines need more complexity over time, with correspondingly more complex programming. Modular machines can be equipped with a system that meets the exact performance and cost needed.


For integrating motors and drives into a system, CODESYS SoftMotion expansion provides function blocks standardized by the PLCopen organization. SoftMotion is available as an option. Naturally, SoftMotion also comes pre-configured and pre-licensed.

Wide range of supported operating systems.

OPC server

CODESYS V3 always contains a free OPC server. So it easy to provide data from the real-time environment to all relevant applications. Simple define a variable to be exported in the OPC namespace_ that’s all! Because OPC is standardized, access from OPC clients of all types is possible, either locally installed or running on a remote system.

SCADA system integration

Integrating a system from Janz Tec into complex SCADA software is as easy as it can be. Using the OPC server, each SCADA system can be configured to access real-time data via this interface.

Communication – IoT Basics

  • Ethernet | Serial RS232 | Serial RS485 | USB…
  • CAN/CANopen | CAN FD | EtherCAT | Profibus | ProfiNET…
  • WiFi | Bluetooth | NFC…
  • WAN (DSL) | UMTS | LTE | Narrowband | Satellite…

Industrial Security – essential for IT Networks

  • Tamper Protection
  • Remote AAA Infrastructure
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Secure Data Storage
  • High Assurance Boot
  • Secure Multi-Channel Network Access
  • Location Control
  • Remote Access & Configuration
  • OSIRIS platform for highest possible security

Use Cases

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