Hybrid & Electric Drives

powerMELA-C E-machines

Each powerMELA E-machine features an integrated inverter which permits four-quadrant operation. It has been especially developed for use in mobile machines and commercial vehicles with a high-voltage DC traction network of up to 800 volts. It is available in two performance classes with either 80 kW or 140 kW continuous output.

powerMELA-BC brake chopper

The powerMELA-BC brake chopper is a construction unit made of high-performance resistance elements with an integrated chopper unit. It was especially developed for the electronic brakes in mobile machines to protect against overvoltage. It can temporarily convert up to 500 kW of electrical energy into heat.

mBMS battery management

Lithium-ion batteries are the preferred energy storage system for modern electrical drive systems. The battery management system mBMS is perfectly adapted to the drives in the powerMELA product family. It permits the safe operation of the battery system and supports battery voltages of up to 800 volts and currents of up to 600 amps.

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