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CAN Automotion is the authorised distributor of Beck IPC Industry products (Com.Tom) ready to use Internet Gateways especially designed for automation and high connectivity in Australasia The base technology – the IPC@CHIP® – together with add-on technologies provides a wide range of effective solution approaches, whether as a module for user developments or through development services. The com.tom Gateway products are available as a technology carrier in all the above areas as an “off the shelf” solution. In embedded field as well as in the M2M business, you will ways find the right solution from Beck-IPC through CAN Automotion.Since 2010 the focus of Beck is to realize industrial portal communication solutions based on the Beck hardware and software components.For OEM customers and large industry end users Com.Tom devices as Internet gateways provide a product which can grow with their needs in IIoT as most services are still being imagined and developed. So it is much more than VPN Tunnel router or switch.

Why Beck Com.Tom devices?

The heart of Com.Tom devices, namely IoT@CHIP® technology helps in the development of your intended IIoT solution. This provides you, the developer with all the benefits of modern embedded system technology:

  • same performance as an embedded RTOS
  • hort time to familiarise than in a standard Linux system with simple and very short migration time for existing RTOS projects
  • simple system configuration in an INI file
  • small footprint: 32MB RAM/Flash platform/2MB kernel
  • Latency time < 40us
  • Jitter 60us
  • Everything from a single source: Hardware, operating system, tooling
  • Tooling based on Windows, no Linux installation required
  • Commissioned in 15 minutes
  • Real-time programs and Linux standard can run on one system
  • PLC (CODESYS), motion control as well as real time communication possible
  • Automatic system test and 14 years API compatibility offer maximum investment protection
  • sensational performance, unbeatable range of functions, unbelievable time-to-market, IEC 61131, IEC 61850, IEC870-5-104 and Kolibri integrated

com.tom Gateways and GUI devices

com.tom BASIC com.tom RADIO Other variants com.tom GRAPHIC
Ethernet 10/100Base‐T Ethernet 10/100Base‐T M‐Bus master Ethernet 10/100Base‐T
Serial interface (RS232/RS485) Serial interface (RS232/RS485) Integrated switch 4.3” TFT touch
SD card slot SD card slot
GSM/GPRS modem
(also as UMTS variant),
SIM card slot
Ethernet IP
7” TFT touch from Q4
4 digital inputs &
4 digital outputs
Additional RS232
CAN interface
4 digital inputs & 4 digital outputs
Additional RS232
CAN interface

Bacnet optional:

The following features of com.tom RADIO are used:

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