Industrial CAN Interface Tools

The IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable PC applications to access CAN networks with a singular variety of different PC interface standards. The customer can select an optimum PC/CAN interface according to the application, performance requirement or required unit costs. More than 10 different PC interface standards are supported, and for many of which, we offer several different CAN boards. The complete IXXAT PC/CAN interface product range was developed, and will continue to be developed exclusively by IXXAT, so that we can maintain complete control over production, product maintenance and product life cycle. This criterion is an important one, especially in the industrial sector that values the longevity of its products. Today, function-compatible alternatives still exist, even for boards already developed in 1990. Almost all boards are available from stock and can be supplied within a short time frame.

Despite the wide variety of PC/CAN interfaces, all IXXAT interfaces can be operated with the hardware-independent, common VCI driver (Virtual CAN Interface). Therefore, it is very easy to switch between CAN boards. Even future technologies are already being “integrated” today.

Active and passive interfaces
IXXAT PC interfaces are available in low-cost passive or active variants with on-board controllers. Active interfaces allow usage within applications with high demands on data pre-processing, such as high-precision time stamps or the filtering of messages to be sent or received directly on the interface.


  • Supports all standard PC interfaces
  • Common driver interface for easy exchange of the PC interface type without any changes to your application
  • For CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939
  • Incl. powerful driver packages for Windows, Linux, INtime, QNX, RTX, and VxWorks
  • High data throughput combined with low latency
  • Long-term availability
  • OEM versions and design-in solutions available
  • High quality standards at development and production: Outgoing goods are 100 % tested

Passive CAN Interfaces

Active CAN Interfaces

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