iPC-I 320/104 Active PC/104 board 1 x CAN (High-Speed)

The iPC-I 320/104 is an active CAN board with one CAN channel which is appropriate for a wide variety of CAN applications. Filtering, preprocessing, transmission and time-stamped storage of the CAN messages are just some of the features offered by the on-board microcontroller.

Features and benefits

  • Active CAN board with 8 bit micro controller
  • Common driver interface for easy exchange of the PC interface type
  • Up to four CAN channels (High-/Low-Speed optional switchable)
  • Features filtering, preprocessing, time stamped storage of CAN messages
  • Galvanic isolated CAN interface

Fields of application

The iPC-I 320/104 is suitable for demanding PC-based applications which require e.g. data preprocessing. The board is supported by the IXXAT driver packages and higher layer protocol APIs as well as by the IXXAT tool suite.

Technical specifications

PC bus interface PC/104 bus, 8 bit
PC address range C000h-FE00h (memory mapped), adjustable in 8 kB steps
Interrupts IRQ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15
Microcontroller Dallas DS80C320
CAN controller SJA 1000; CAN 2.0 A/B
CAN bus interface ISO 11898-2, bent 2 x 5 pin connector according to DS 102
Power supply 5 V DC, 190 mA typ.
Temperatur range 0 ºC … +70 ºC
Galvanic isolation 1 kV, 1 sec
Temperature range -40 ºC … +85 ºC
Certification CE, CSA/UL
Size Approx. 90 x 96 mm

Contents of delivery

  • PC/CAN interface card, manual
  • CAN driver VCI for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Simple CAN monitor “miniMon”

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