Suregrip Joystick Controls

SureGrip Controls was incorporated in 1996 to manufacture industrial control grips for the heavy equipment industry. The company started by supplying control grips to several major equipment manufacturers in the Canadian forest industry. Sales soon expanded to include Europe, the United States and New Zealand. We now supply mobile heavy equipment manufacturers around the world.

  • “JSM” Series Joystick

  • “JSL” Series Joysticks

  • Micro Joysticks

“JSM” Series Joystick

Sure Grip Controls JSM Series electronic joystick is a small body version of the JSL Joystick. Apart from the main body and the boot, the JSM joystick utilizes all the same components as the larger adjustable body JSL model and is available with switched or proportional outputs in either single or dual axis spring-return-to-center configurations. The joystick comes standard with a basic “J” Series grip. It can also be custom configured with the “S”, “C”, “L”, or “K” Series control grips.

“JSL” Series Joysticks

Sure Grip Controls NEW “JSL” Series electronic joystick is a high-reliability extreme duty input device designed to be used in high cycle applications. The joystick is available with switched or proportional outputs in both single and dual axis spring-return-to-center configurations. The joystick comes standard with a basic “J” Series grip. It can also be custom configured with the “S”, “C” or “L” Series control grips.

Micro Joysticks

The Micro Joystick is a miniature dual axis Proportional Hall Effect joystick with limited moving parts. The Micro Joystick is suitable for exposed installations and can provide an additional set of proportional outputs when installed within a control faceplate.

Genge Thomas Joysticks, Marine Controllers

Genge & Thoma AG has been developing and producing high-quality linear transducers and rotary potentiometers as well as compact and precise joysticks for various industrial applications since 1958. We offer an innovative range of products and a broad spectrum of services to solvecustomer-specific problems. In order to provide tailor-made solutions, we are constantly optimising function, quality, price, time and information. After all, your satisfaction is our goal.

  • Joysticks

  • Marine Controllers

  • Sensors

Radio Remote Controllers

We have been specializing in the production of radio controls. Our company is located in Korea and focuses on the inhouse production of all devices. Both production and final assembly are done directly at ATEC. This enables us to differentiate from the competition. Due to our many years of experience we enjoy a high level of professional acceptance. In addition to our standard products our strength is to offer customized radio controls cost-effectively. We are known for our excellent customer service and the reliability of our products. Get your first experience and send us your specific inquiry.

  • Proportional Remote Controllers

  • On-Off Radio Remote controllers

Cable Remote Controllers

Wire remote control is designed to meet flexible control of the machine remotely from visible distance (about 10 meters) from the cabin to the machine where operator can move around to the machine and can watch the behavior of the machine closely. This gives operator a very flexible control over the machine from inside the cabin or from outside the cabin. This type of controller is designed to drive (electro-hydraulic) all types of heavy mobile machines to suit any types of hydraulic brand such as Danfoss, Rexroth, Parker etc.

  • Cable Remote Controllers


  • Size 230x140x130 approx.
  • Environmental peotection:IP65
  • Housing material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3Kg without output cable
  • Power IN: Linear (regulated) 24VDC 5Amp recommended
  • 4 proportional single axis Joystick and 1 On/Off single axis Joystick

Power Supply

External power supply is required for this types of controller and it is recommended to use linear/regulated power supply for smooth operation of the controller.

  • Input: 240VAC 50/60HZ 1Ph
  • Output: +12/24VDC 5Amp

Note: Please mount/place power supply inside the cabin where air flow is not obstructed.

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