com.tom WEB-PLC Programming and Configuration

All com.tom devices come with a local web server that is used for parameterization and is also used for programming logic and alarm functions for the WEB-PLC. This enables all devices to be commissioned and the status monitored locally without the need for additional software

com.tom WEB-PLC Programming and Configuration

The WEB-PLC offers the following functions for programming:

  • Logic operations
  • Counters
  • Comparators
  • FlipFlop
  • Timer, pulse generator Send SMS message Resv Msg, receive SMS VPN Start/Stop and much more

All configured I/O from all bus systems (Modbus, M-Bus, IEC) are available, including local inputs/outputs and portal variables. This enables the implementation of gateway functions by mapping data and the creation of a local logic. An online view for testing and commissioning is naturally also provided – and all of this is browser based, without external tooling

CODESYS for creating programs

Alternative to WEB-PLC programming, you can with the same configuration setting use a browser to select the CODESYS variant for creating programs. Everything else stays the same – however, you have the large range of possibilities of this powerful IEC software. The com.tom devices also provide the WEB visualization integrated in CODESYS. Your communication interface is thus turned into a PLC with integrated HMI in no time at all!

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