@CHIP-RTOS-Linux is the real-time multitasking operating system adapted for the IPC@CHIP® SoCbased on Linux and @CHIP-RTOS extensions. The benefits of both solutions are available. The “Linux Flavor” and “@CHIP-RTOS Flavor” make the software offers of the open source community available as well as the existing software solutions from the @CHIP RTOS environment.
With the sandbox in the “@CHIP-RTOS Flavor”

  • complete separation from GPL restrictions,
  • full copyright protection guaranteed

Functions and Explanations

The RTOS-Linux operating system is the OS of the next IPC@CHIP® generation. The new system is based on the mainline Linux kernel. The kernel is available for the different hardware platforms. This provides a high degree of flexibility in hardware selection and for porting to new platforms. At the same time the operating system meets the real-time requirements and compatibility requirements with the existing RTOS-x86 and RTOS-PPC operating systems as well as its “usability”.


  • Extnsive hardware independence, little effort required for porting to new platforms
  • Real-time behavior (context change and interrupts), the latency times are comparable with those of the IPC@CHIP® that run on RTOS-x86 and RTOS-PPC
  • Small memory footprint for RAM and Flash
  • Same functionality of services (web server, SSH, FTP etc.) as with RTOS-x86 and RTOS-PPC
  • Extensive compatibility with the API of RTOS-x86 and RTOS-PPC

The Linux kernel abstracts the hardware and provides services such as memory management, multitasking, TCP/IP stack and a file system. Above the kernel, the @CHIP-RTOS C library provides a largely compatible API. Moreover, the standard C-Library (glibc or uclib) is available for the C99 standard functions. The following user applications as well as the integrated services run above the kernel and the API: FTP server, TFTP server, SSH server, HTTP server, PPP server and Telnet server.

For real time capabilities the Linux kernel has been extended with Preempt RT patch. Processing of interrupts is managed by real time scheduler. Interrupt threads and application threads could be prioritized to each other, which allows to enforce applications threads against driver or system threads.

The @CHIP-RTOS’ specific RTX-API adds missing typical real time functionality like killing and cancelling of threads, prioritized semaphores and disabling of task scheduler. The RTX-API is compatible over all current and future variants of @CHIP-RTOS.

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