We offer automotion training to expertize your employees in operation and maintenance. Upon specific request we also offer customized value added in-house traning services.

Knowledge domain

  • CAN Bus, physical layer, Layer 2 communications, analysis, data logging, recording, simulation and testing.
  • Higher Layer Protocols such as CANopen, SAEJ1939, DeviceNet.
  • Industrial networking and communication with field buses.
  • Interface with EtherNet.
  • Industrial EtherNetproocols such as EtherCAT/EtherNet IP/Powerlink/ Sercos/ Modbus TCP.
  • Interface tools, trouble shooting, diagnostics, data logging, telemetry, working across protocols.
  • PLCs, PLC programming, CoDeSys, C, C++, SIL2.
  • Systems Design, Engineered solutions, Ruggedised solutions for mobile applications.
  • Communication of power data and signal across rotary interfaces- slip rings, fibre optic rotary joints.
  • Integrated rotary interfaces: Media Rotary unions with Electrical Slip rings for power data and signal communication, integrated with encoders for position feedback in analog or digital format.

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