Transmission Technologies

Contactless Transmission | Capacitive Data Link GigaCAP®

The application of industrial standard protocols, like digital video protocols, is in high demand. Communication standards such as Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel are supported and allow for data rates up to 10 Gbit/s. Thus, the system integration of the data channels is simplified as components from the IT marketplace can be used. The modular design allows the system to be quickly and easily adapted to customer-specific applications.
Wear-resistant, high noise immunity combined with excellent EMC qualities, high reliability and bit error rates of < 10-12. Qualified for security shock and vibration resistance as well as temperatures of -40° C to 65° C


  • Multiple stackable channels
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional
  • Max. diameter: 2,000 mm
  • Height: 25 mm/1" per stack plus housing
  • Shapes: two circuit boards for 2 channels in a metal housing
  • Rotational speed: only limited by mechanical restrictions

Classic applications

  • Radar, periscopes
  • Vehicles
  • Automation, industrial scanners
  • Customer-specific applications

Contactless Transmission | Inductive Power

In addition to contacting slip rings, contactless rotary joints are very popular.

SCHLEIFRING’s worldwide-patented technology for inductive, contactless power transmission allows voltages of 24 V up to 400 V within a range of 1 W to 10 KW. Especially in applications with high rotational speeds, our contactless slip rings ensure a long, wear-free service life, which cannot be achieved with a contacting transmission system.

This compact hybrid unit combines contactless power and signal transmission, allowing temperature monitoring of rollers in foil processing machines for instance. Contactless power and signal transmission provides a wide range of options for security innovations.

Contacting Transmission | Signal & Data Transmission

The slip ring is an essential device for the supply of power and the transmission of electrical signals. The quality of the slip ring is therefore a key factor for the quality of the overall system. Due to the constantly increasing volume of transmitted data nowadays, contacting slip ring systems use precious metal sliding technology to counter the physical limitations.

Sensitive data and digital signals e.g. piezoelectric or strain gauge signals

SCHLEIFRING’s gold wire technology and the contact configuration of silver-graphite brushes on hard silver rings allow excellent signal and data transmission:
  • Extremely low electrical noise and contact resistance
  • Long, low-maintenance service life
  • High contact reliability
  • Crosstalk isolation
  • Reliable operation under shock, vibration and extreme temperatures
  • Transmission of all common bus systems

Contacting Transmission | Power Transmission

Our slip rings provide the dynamic electrical connection between static and rotating mechanical elements. They operate as rotary interfaces continually transferring electrical power in any direction.

Slip rings are produced in various types and sizes depending on:
  • Electrical requirements
  • Mechanical property requirements
  • Operating environment
  • Customer needs

From low to high power
SCHLEIFRING’s silver braid brushes or silver-graphite brushes on brass rings as well as the gold wire technology provide optimum power transmission.

Depending on the technical requirements, they allow excellent transmission of low power up to and above 1,000 A at high rotational speeds and with a long service life.

Optical Transmission | Fibre-Optic Rotary Joints

Optical fibres transmit high data rates reliably over long distances. SCHLEIFRING offers fibre-optic rotary joints to provide a direct link to optical fibres. FORJs transmit any kind of digital or analogue optical signals regardless of the data protocol.

  • Data rates of 10 Gbit/s or higher
  • Not affected by EMI
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Up to a capacity of 60 fibres

Classic applications:
  • Ground and marine radar systems
  • Offshore industry
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Mining industry

Contacting Transmission Media Rotary Joints

SCHLEIFRING offers sophisticated solutions for the transmission of fluids such as water, oil and coolants, as well as gas and air – optimized to the customer’s application.

Media rotary joints integrated within slip ring assemblies are also available as complete rotary joint units consisting of media slip rings, optical rotary joints, encoders and/or microwave rotary joints.

No matter whether our customer needs specific solutions for high pressures, high speeds or high flow rates – SCHLEIFRING provides the highest quality systems for optimum service lives.

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