Typical Applications

Airborne Radar | Navigation

The airborne sector requires an unparalleled level of precision and technical reliability. Rotating couplers for airborne application require demanding customized developments, application specific solutions and versatile, absolute reliable performance even under extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and radiation.

Radar slip rings are, in most instances, linked to a high frequency rotary joint. SCHLEIFRING provides a total system solution for radar systems and antenna manufacturers worldwide.

High Altitude | Observation

SCHLEIFRING’s high-density capsule slip rings are found in a great number of applications throughout the world, ranging from missile gyro systems and seeker heads through to sensor platforms, UAVs and ROVs.

Designed as light as possible, these slip ring capsules supply power for de-icing, folding of the rotor blades and the navigation lights.

In addition, these slip rings are used for the critical function of pitch adjustment of the tail rotor blades and flight control.

Microwave signal and data transfer capabilities are standard on many designs.

The operating environment is severe which makes the choice of materials and techniques all-important.

Naval Radar Periscopes

Today’s latest generation naval reconnaissance and radar systems demand the most exacting performance and reliability.

Special care is taken to ensure they are vibration and salt spray resistant as well as watertight up to IP 66 for surface vessels and IP 68-x for submarines.

Operating under extreme EMI conditions such highly complex hybrid radar systems employ a contacting slip ring for very high power, integrated with a 4-channel contactless rotary joint for the transmission of RF signals, 11-channel coax rotary joint for IF signals, water cooled RF wave guide and a media rotary joint for cooling fluid.

Naval Surveillance

With its cross-sector portfolio, technological leadership and worldwide presence SCHLEIFRING is excellently equipped to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s naval forces.

For a close-in marine weapon system (CIWS), this surveillance slip ring allows for the transmission of a large number of signals and combines very high power with low level signals. A bore through the center of a slip ring module enables shaft-mounting or offers routing space for ammunition transport.

Available with either gold or silver contacts, these units carry a variety of power and/ or signal channels. These channels are available from one to several hundred, depending on the complexity of the application.

Hybrid slip ring systems with integrated multi-channel fibre optic rotary joint and RF rotary joint transmit high power as well as high data rates and signals (Fast Ethernet data bus).

SCHLEIFRING‘s state-of-the-art high tech products enhance the effectiveness of naval systems combined with modern fire control units.

Land Based Radar Systems

SCHLEIFRING has been supplying slip ring units for radar applications since the early 1980s. With a history of worldwide contracts for civil and military radar systems, SCHLEIFRING brings capability and experience to your project.

Waveguide & coaxial slip rings are the most common combinations for high performance radar systems.

Normally, slip ring modules for power supply, data transmission and high power channels combined with several low power channels are additionally integrated.

A split slip ring unit can be mounted onto a shaft in situ, by making it into two halves that can be clamped around the shaft on site. These systems are often used in situations when a large number of circuits meets limited length requirements.

  • Integration of HF channels
  • Integration of optical and RF rotary joints
  • Integration of all bus systems
  • EMI/ RMI shielding
  • Low maintenance


Packaged slip rings used in vehicle tank turrets pose a multitude of challenges. In each of these systems, slip rings have provided reliable signal and power coupling under the most rugged battlefield conditions. Hydraulically actuated equipment in the turret may require the combination of conventional electrical slip rings with a hydraulic joint.

The introduction of an independently rotating commander station may require a slip ring large enough in diameter to encompass the station, yet very thin in cross-section, to minimize space requirements.

For more than 40 years SCHLEIFRING has developed and produced quality slip rings for many demanding vehicular applications.

  • Gold-on-gold contacts for signal and date integrity
  • EMI shielding available
  • High frequency coax channels
  • Integration with resolvers, fibre optics, fluidic interfaces, hydraulics and pneumatics


Technological developments have yielded stabilized gun systems, laser target acquisition and fire control systems as well as high bandwidth data communication that create unique demands for vehicular slip rings.

Combined field-proven slip ring designs with high-volume tooling techniques result in highly reliable units tough enough to meet the challenges of a wide variety of battlefields by low maintenance.

Signal requirements for vehicular slip ring capsules continue to be increasingly demanding. The circuit functions and electrical isolation requirements have a significant impact on the design of the slip ring capsule.

Remote Control Transmission

Slip ring assemblies for electrically driven, remote control provides steady continuity of communications, power and signal transmission throughout continuous 360 degrees of traverse.

The power circuits conduct an average of 50 A of constant current between the chassis and the remote control. The signal circuits conduct a maximum of 7 A continuous current transmitting, e.g. signals of the arming system providing remote selection/arm capability at the gunner’s station, weapon select and an armed indication provided to the gunner.

The operation of the slip rings shall not introduce electrical noise or static into the communication system, which would impair intercommunication intelligibility.

The quality of the slip ring is a key determinant in the quality of the overall system.

Designed for optimum size and weight when compact packaging is important, our slip ring systems integrated with an encoder for fire control and/ or position indication provide high quality performance in critical defence applications.

Electro-Optic Systems

At the heart of these sophisticated systems all data, signals and power are passing through the slip ring unit. The circuit functions and electrical isolation requirements have a significant impact on the design of the slip ring.

Schleifring’s engineering department tailors the slip ring for your application – also within the existing envelope of active designs.

360° surveillance, thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder and CCD cameras
  • Functional space and weight optimizing module and brush block designs
  • High shock and vibration capabilities
  • Multiple contact technologies suited for the application
  • Wide operating temperature envelope -55° C to +85° C
  • EMI shielding & Environmental sealing

Gold-on-gold contacts for signal and data integrity offer several advantages over conventional slip ring technology including multiple points of contact force per fibre and low contact wear rates. In addition, fibre brushes produce virtually no wear debris.


Special designs and production techniques are essential to give ultimate performance to slip ring solutions under the rigorous environmental conditions specified for sub-sea applications.

From cable reels for ROVs, Underwater Video Vehicles, Sub-Surface Telemetry Buoyancy units, sonar equipment, underwater winches as well as many other applications, SCHLEIFRING slip rings facilitate the transfer of electrical power and signals, data or bus systems between a stationary and a rotating platform.

The built-in quality extends the operating life of our products in underwater environments, which are aggressive by nature.

Design options:
  • Integrated encoder and single-pass FORJ
  • Stainless steel underwater connectors at both ends
  • Immune stainless steel housing
  • Water proof
  • Pressure-compensated for underwater applications

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