We CAN at CAN Automotion

14th Dec 2018

Industrial connectivity, networking, IIoT is big business. What this means is that CAN Bus and CAN related protocols have been seen to be relegated to positions referred to slow growth business. CANopen 4%, DeviceNet 4% and other Field buses 10% does not stack up well considering Industrial Ethernet has garnered 52% of the total field bus market and is growing at 22%. (See pie chart below). What this means is that less and less engineers will focus on CAN Bus, its protocols and solutions. This means you can come to us confidently, knowing that we have invested in people who have the knowledge and capabilities in CAN Bus right from Layer 2 to Higher layer protocols and beyond). CAN Bus and CAN technology in various forms such as CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939, NMEA2000,  including the new CAN FD will continue to be the basis of our growth at CAN Automotion. at CAN Automotion, we CAN; contact us when you CAN.


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